Nepal – Annapurnas & Khumbu

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We are extremely happy to have started our own operations in the Himalayas this year! Our mission is to own or have significant shareholding in the ground operations of our featured destinations, so we can confidently and consistently guarantee great value on amazing trips. This also ensures we have our fingers on the pulse of local communities, and we can be a catalyst for positive change through training programs and other needs-based programs, as we have done in East Africa and now in the Himalayas. We spent over a month doing a few reconnaissance trips of the two main trekking regions of the Annapurnas and the Khumbu. This year we will return to Kathmandu and look forward to a busier season with our Nepalese business partners and support teams. What is the difference between us and other trekking companies;

  • Higher client to guide ratio
  • Guides & staff have over a decade experience
  • Delicious food on trek, with refresher courses every season to update menus
  • Portable toilets & showers on treks
  • Mountain Hardware guest tents, thermarest mattress, thermal liners, pillows, -30f sleeping bags, mess tent, table & chairs
  • Highest paid staff in the industry with health insurance that trickles to their families
  • 24 hour response team in Kathmandu in case of emergency
  • Supplemental oxygen & pulse oximeters


Come to the true home of alpine trekking in the spectacular mountain kingdom of Nepal. Slip back in time to a place with no roads and join the locals as they hike from one perched village to another, where the only traffic jams come from yak convoys on suspended bridges. Sip yak butter tea as you gaze at a Buddhist gompa and experience the legendary hospitality of the Sherpas, or revel in the colorful chaos of Hindu shrines along the Annapurna circuit, a section of the Himalayas. Watch the sun rise over the highest mountains on earth steeped in mountaineering lore and prayer flags. Whether you are in a blossoming rhododendron forest or stone-walled village, in Nepal you are blessed with a penthouse view on the roof of the world. Nepal boasts endless trekking experiences, including the unspoiled Kingdom of Mustang, the Annapurna Panorama, Langtang National Park, ancient pilgrims trails, and the famous Khumbu region where the tallest point on the planet lies, Mt Everest (27,940 ft). At the beginning and end of every trek, enjoy Kathmandu and explore Nepal’s deep ancient traditions by visiting Hindu and Buddhist shrines and temples. For those who seek even more opportunities for adventure, head to Chitwan National Park and see tigers while riding on elephants. This park bordering India is a hidden gem to see tigers and a perfect extension to any trek. A truly rich Himalayan country, people, and experience!

Our top picks for Kathmandu accommodation pre & post treks for our various specifications include;

Dwarika’s Hotel: | Hyatt Regency Kathmandu: | Hotel Tibet International: | Radission Hotel Kathmandu: | Tibet Guest House:

Our top picks for Pokhara accommodation pre & post treks for our various specifications include;

Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge: | Temple Tree Resort & Spa: | Fishtail Lodge: | Hotel Meera:

Our top picks for Lukla accommodation pre & post treks for our various specifications include (please note there are a lot of places to stay in Khumbu, these are just a few);

Everest Summit Lodge Lukla: | Yeti Mountain Home Lodge Lukla: | La Villa Sherpani: | Paradise Lodge

We had some amazing treks in Nepal, an absolutely amazing place, we are beyond excited to be able to continue to visit the Himalayas, which of course includes destinations such as Tibet, Bhutan, and the Ladakh region of India. Here are a few recommended trips of course each tailored to suit individual needs. We are focusing on off-the-beaten track treks using our private camps to get into areas less traveled, as most companies rely on local lodges for accommodation and hence, need to stay on the main trails.

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