Adventure International is a premier adventure travel specialist, offering a full range of travel services to the world’s most magnificent locations. Our offices and operations are based in California, Tanzania, and Kenya, with outfitting partnerships in Rwanda, Southern Africa, and South America.

Our journeys are lead and designed by knowledgeable professionals. Every unforgettable experience we procure is hand-picked by our team. Our partners and guests alike, choose our services based on our attention to detail and around-the-clock support. Our local and International guides are extensively trained and qualified; with wildlife knowledge in the bush, bi annually trained in safety health monitoring systems, have wilderness responder certifications, and have a genuine passion for leading adventure trips in the landscapes they respectively entertain.

We believe in holistic approaches to travel, thus working hand-in-hand with community leaders and supporting local employment, social organizations and various development projects to ensure the well being of natural habitats and local communities. We adhere to strict sustainable and ethical operation policies in the office and in the field.

We are dedicated to creating authentic comfortable travel experiences and our management team and chosen guides understand this commitment. We take pride in outstanding product delivery and understanding the unique places we visit. We look forward to sharing these wonders with each and every one of our guests.


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