Mt Kenya: the mountain less traveled


Mt Kenya often gets overlooked because people travel to Africa to climb the highest mountain on the continent, Kilimanjaro. Whats surprising, is that Mt Kenya could actually be the prettiest hike in East Africa, a strong rival to the ‘The Roof of Africa’. Mt Kenya is lesser known, lesser traveled, has less infrastructure, and yet delivers on absolute beauty and adventure. Its safe to say that we are one of less than a handful of companies operating ethical luxury treks on this mountain. With limited regulations, most companies overload porters and get away with it. We definitely do not do that. With huts on the mountain, most companies will sleep in these very basic structures, we prefer to bring our own private camps for more comfort and cleaner toilet facilities.

The walking summit of Point Lenana is achievable to the average hiker, but the true summit of Mt Kenya Batian is only reached by technical climbing, with another reward enroute of also reaching Nelion. For the mountaineer, Mt Kenya offers true challenge. For other trekkers, Mt Kenya offers a diverse mountain with lake tarns and stunning views. Over the years, we have developed multiple programs that circumnavigate this gorgeous mountain. Mt Kenya can be done in less time than Kilimanjaro for those on timelines. Of course, your post-trek adventure can continue into places like Samburu just a few hours drive from the exit gate and then onto places like the Masai Mara to catch the wildebeest Migration!

Mt Kenya Promo from Adventure International on Vimeo.

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