Off the Beaten path towards Everest Base Camp

Kala-pathar-hike-morningIt has taken us a few years to really put in place one of the more unique trips towards Everest Base Camp. Most people and companies will follow the main trail of lodges to the base camp and back. Our teams have scouted out several valleys that remain Yak pastures with little to no people except herders. After a few seasons of doing recon, we finally have a solid Hidden Valleys of the Khumbu & Everest Base Camp Trek program.

The trip incorporates luxury lodges, local lodges with our teams catering, and several days of camping. The luxury lodges work up to a certain altitude and thereafter finish. From there its local lodges and we make sure to have our teams do the catering to keep hygiene levels high! Instead of following the main trail, we venture off into the hidden valleys and do some acclimatization hikes to places such as Amadablam base camp. The hidden valleys are a real gem for exploration, getting different views, and taking in the Himalayas a bit more peacefully than the main trail. Lets be honest, hiking to EBC is busy, and most bucket places are these days.

By spending some time camping, it really takes us back to basics and nature. However, our camps are not just your average camping site. We have walk in guest tents, bed cots, sleeping bags, pillows, thermal liners, mess tent, table, and backed chairs. Also included is a shower tent and portable toilet – hands down, some the nicest camps in Nepal. For the people with higher budgets, then we highly recommend a helicopter exit back to Kathmandu and shave off a few days of hiking out. Otherwise, for those hiking, we once again get off the beaten track and venture through a lesser traveled valley near Phortse and back to Lukla on the return. We are excited about our upcoming season!

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Everest Base Camp & Kalapathar from Adventure International on Vimeo.

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