Aconcagua :: the next step after Kilimanjaro

aconcaguaAs we send our first client of the 2015 season to climb Aconcagua, we are reminded of how we started offering this mountain in the first place. Kilimanjaro, the heart and soul of our operation remains one of the world’s most doable altitude mountains. Its the perfect training ground for those who want to climb mountains whether novice or professional. When people got the appetite for climbing, for years, they would ask us ‘what’s next ?’. For people looking to climb trekking peaks around the world or even venture into some of the 7 Summits – Aconcagua is the next step in climbing. While the mountain demands crampons and ice axe, its summit is still approachable by walking and there is no use of technical gear. Conquering Aconcagua means reaching the the highest mountain in the western and southern hemisphere – big bragging rights :).

After spending some good time in Mendoza, the pre & post city of this expedition, we realized that there was more to be done! Over the years, while having fun biking and wine tasting, we curated a number of great programs that incorporate both – Biking & Wine. A perfect way to enjoy post climbing, you can even take away the biking and just drink wine and enjoy amazing food!

Categories: Aconcagua, Adventure Travel, Mountaineering, South America

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